Before anything…

  • Every medical procedure includes: transfers to/from the hospital, professional medical team, accommodations, tests, supplies, pre/post-surgery consultations and controls.
  • Remember that the practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science; although these operations practically don’t have any side-effects, some risks and potential complications can occur.
  • Smoking reduces blood flow, so if you do, you should not be smoking the month before and a month after any medical procedure. Remember that quitting smoking will help the healing process considerably.
  • No medical procedure should be performed in pregnant women or patients with any active infection in the body or with impaired healing, blood clotting or weakness in the immune system.
  • Every medical procedure requires that the patient is healthy and psychologically in good condition, and that is able to understand the expectations in this type of intervention; although it is very effective, it can’t perform miracles.
  • Your doctor will be very specific about what to do before and after the medical procedure; please follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. You will have to eat healthy and balanced meals, start a good diet and exercise regularly. Remember that those patients who are in good physical condition will experience a faster recovery.
  • Before any medical procedure, you should undergo a complete physical exam so that your doctor can determine if you are an acceptable candidate. It is important for you to discuss any medical conditions that you have and to tell your doctor about any medications you’re taking, including any herbal or other non-prescription.
  • After every medical procedure, you will need to take some time-off to heal, so please be patient and careful with your body afterwards. You will feel some minor discomfort for a temporary period of time, which can be controlled with medication prescribed by the doctor. There might also be some postoperative swelling, numbness and skin discoloration for about three weeks, depending on the medical procedure.

List of Procedures