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Destination Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located right in the middle of the world. It has a democratic government with Presidents elected by popular vote. It is politically stable and has a rapidly growing economy fed by petroleum, tourism, agriculture, and fishing. Ecuador’s technology is also rapidly developing and is known for having high-quality health care. Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet, supporting more species of plants animals, and insects, than all of North America combined. MedTravel Ecuador also includes the top destinations in the four regions of this wonderful country. People come to this country to observe and appreciate its dramatic landscapes of snowcapped volcanoes overlooking pristine beaches to the west and the Amazon Jungle to the east; Ecuador also plays host to the Galapagos Islands. The people of Ecuador are warm, friendly, caring and diverse. We want you to come see our country in its entire splendor because we are hospitable and will always greet our tourists with open arms.

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